Professional Chrome Barbecue Grill Griddle Smoker Slow Cooker- Professional Chrome Barbecue, Grill, Smoker, Slow Cooker  & Pizza Oven

Professional Chrome Barbecue, Grill, Smoker, Slow Cooker  & Pizza Oven


NETTUNO Barbecue, Smoker, Slow Cooker and Rotisserie

Professional Chrome Nettuno Barbecue can be considered the best alternative for those who wants all the features of the COMBI but without the Pizza Oven.
        Professional Chrome Barbecue Nettuno Open

Entirely made in stainless steel. Superior Performance, Interchangeable Cooktops, Healthy-Grill, Griddle or Plancha. Also with Smoker Box, Slow Cooking feature and Rotisserie, all in one, on wheels or built-in. All our Professional Chrome Barbecues produce less smoke compare with most stabdard open grill cooktops and uses up to 50% less Gas than standards Barbecues*.

Professional Chrome Barbecue Slow Cooking

Slow Cooker, this great feature, rare in most Gas Barbecue, allow you to Slow Cook for hours, large pieces of meats, so that they are tender and juicy once done. Beef brisket, Pork loin, among others. At this low temperature, meats will loose only 20-30% of their own moisture. Add some wood chips on our Smoker box to the formula, and you will have all the great taste, and tenderness desire.

Professional Chrome Barbecue Smoker Box

The Smoker Box, Just insert your favorite type of natural wood shavings into the Smoking container, it will add great smoky flavor to all you favourite meats, not only you can choose the amount of time or quantity to your desired taste.

Professional Chrome Barbecue Nettuno Top

Side Burner and Temperature Probe, just insert the Temperature probe to the center of your cooking meat and set your desired inner temperature, or just choose the type of meat you are cooking, and you will be notify once ready.

Professional Chrome Barbecue Cutting Board

Cutting Board, 100% Teflon removable cutting board, great tool as you can cut your meats right off the grill and remove it for easy handling, or cleaning.

Hidden Tools compartment, under the side Shelf, beneath the Cutting Board.
                           Professional Chrome Barbecue Warming Shelf

Hidden Removebale Fat, liquid container in fact the Grill and Griddle or Plancha is position on a angled to allow the juices from the cooking meats to drain down into the container.
Warming Shelf, just between the bottom of the bbq and the cabinet, to keep you pizzas and other food items warm and ready at any given time.
                Professional Chrome Barbecue Nettuno Bin

Paper Roll Holder and Waste Bin, hidden behind the doors, on wheels so that you can easily slide it out and put it back in without any effort. 
LED Backlite Knobs, great for night vision, and it gives a touch of elegance. 

Technical Data

Dimensions L = 1575 mm | P = 700 mm | H = 1320 mm
Weight 100 Kg combined with cooktop/td>
Cooking Surface Cooktop Dim. 765 x 465 mm
Oven Floor Refractory Stone 18mm thickness
Max. Temperature Oven 450°C
Burners Type N°2 Stainless Steel, horseshoe type
Side Burner Power 3,0 Kw
Inner Burners Power 10 Kw
GAS Consumption G30 / G31 = 283,8 G/h
Nozzle Size ∅ 9,5
Thermocouple * N°2 + N°1 with side burner
Ignition Type Piezo Ignition Battery powered

Temperature Indicator
Temperature Probe, Teflon Cutting Board
Internal Oven light
Removable Fat and liquid container underneath
* The Thermocouple is a safety device that not all BBQ producer use: Professional Chrome Safety First Priority, has incorporated this device in all its BBQ.