Professional Chrome Healthy Grill Flare Control- Professional Chrome Barbecue, Grill, Smoker, Slow Cooker  & Pizza Oven

Professional Chrome Barbecue, Grill, Smoker, Slow Cooker  & Pizza Oven

Professional Chrome Flare-ups Control Grill ®

Flare-ups Control Grill Patented design
The flame from the burner never gets in direct contact with cooking foods; also it reduces considerably the amount of smoke produced, and prevents flares from changing the actual flavor of your meats.
With Flare STOP system only the Heat Passes between the narrow Grill spaces, optimizing heat dispersion, more even cooking Temperature throughout the grill and reducing the amount of Gas used.
Maillard Reaction at its best
Heat Concentration Points, are created at the tip of each blade, perfect for searing marks.
The Sloped Bottom V blade collects and canalizes all released Fat & misture towards a removable container underneath the burner.

Don't char your meat

Overcooking meat – including beef, pork, poultry and fish – can lead to the formation of some potentially harmful substances such as N-nitroso compounds and heterocyclic amines, or HCAs for short. These compounds have been linked to adverse health effects in animal experiments (e.g. DNA damage, cancer), so it is best to be careful and reduce your exposure. There are some simple tips to help you avoid HCAs and enjoy cooked meat safely:

  • Shorten time on the grill: Use a thermometer to gauge the meat temperature so it can be removed as soon as it’s ready to eat. According to the UK Food Standards Agency, when cooking poultry, fish, minced/chopped meat such as burgers, and sausages, the centre of the meat should reach a temperature of at least 70°C for two minutes before being removed.2

  • Marinate meat: Research indicates that marinating meat – in beer, red wine, teriyaki sauce, olive oil, or another marinade of your choice – can help protect against and reduce the formation of hazardous compounds.3

  • Remove burnt meat: Be sure to remove and throw away charred portions of meat before eating, and avoid using gravy made from meat drippings.